GSO Terdapat 3 produk.

GSO (Guan Sheng Optical) merupakan produsen teleskop yang produknya banyak diberi label lainnya. Harganya yang relative murah disbanding dengan teleskop sejenis menjadikan GSO teleskop yang banyak digunakan oleh sejumlah pihak.

  • GSO RC12"

    GSO 12" f/8 RC Truss Optical Tube

    The GSO 12" f/8 Ritchey-Chretien Truss Tube Astrograph is a true RC telescope and offers a flat field without additional correcting optics, reducing losses and maintaining focus across wavelengths. The telescope is light enough to be easily transported and suitable for use with many mounts.   Harga...

  • GSO RC 10"

    GSO 10" f/8 RC Truss Optical Tube

    The 10” f/8 RC Optical Tube Assembly from GSO can illuminate an approximate 35 mm field diameter. And because this is a true Ritchey, you do not have to worry about chromatic aberrations, coma, false color, or the need to add a field flattener/corrector to the mix!   Harga : Rp....

  • GSO 8" f/8 RC Carbon Fiber OTA

    GSO 8" f/8 RC Carbon Fiber OTA

    As amateur astronomers advance in their astro-imaging skills, they dream of owning a Ritchey-Chretien telescope. RC telescopes are being used in some of the world’s biggest and best observatories due to their color-free, coma-free, spherical aberration-free optics.    HARGA :...